Time to change your air filter?

Search for your filter in the search bar. You can search using both the unit's and the filter's name or article number. test

Problem finding the right filter? Let us help you.

Why you should use original filters?

For best ventilation and for fresher and cleaner indoor air, always use Systemair's original filters. Our air filters are quality tested by us and are perfectly adapted to our ventilation systems. Copies often have a poorer effect, less filtering and need to be changed more often. 


How to change filters?

Here at Systemair HOME, we help you both find the right filter and change the filter in the right way. You will receive instructions and advice and we are available to answer questions and concerns all the way, for your fresh air experience.

Subscribe: Smart and simple

Subscribe to us! It will be easiest for you, regardless of whether you are a homeowner or part of a BRF and are responsible for the property's ventilation. When you subscribe to us, we keep track of when your last changed filters, and we remember exactly which filter you need for your system. When it's time to change, we'll send you a friendly reminder. Then you order the filter at systemairhome. Or the filters are sent to you without you having to do anything. Simple and smart.