Why original filter?

Always use Systemair original filters for optimum ventilation, durability, indoor house climate and fresh air at home. When you buy your air filter from us at Systemair HOME, you also get help and answers all the way to fresh air.  There are many important reasons to always buy original filters and not copies if you have a ventilation unit from Systemair. Here you can read about the most important ones. 

Superior quality 

Our original filters are designed by ourselves, for our systems and units. Each filter is certified and has undergone thorough quality tests to ensure the right level of filtration and the right indoor climate. Our air filters are tested in our units and in our own laboratory. We test that the filter works well throughout its life and not just when it is new, and that the filter has an air resistance that fits the ventilation unit. We can therefore guarantee both quality and that the air filter works optimally in the unit. 

For health 

With the right original filter that is replaced regularly, you protect yourself against harmful particles and pollutants, dust, pollen, exhaust fumes and smoke that otherwise risk getting into the outdoor air. Filtered and fresh air indoors in turn helps to reduce and counteract the problems of diseases, asthma, allergies, and other health effects caused by environmental toxins. Good ventilation and filtration also help to reduce the risk of the spread of many diseases, such as COVID-19. Copies of our filters often provide poorer filtration and air indoors and protection in general is not as good as our original filters if you have a unit from Systemair. 

For houses and homes

The correct original filter is a prerequisite for the ventilation to work properly. When the ventilation works well, the rooms get the right amount of filtered and fresh air and the air pressure in the house is right. A well-functioning ventilation with the right original filter also helps to reduce noise and energy consumption. Incorrect filters and poorer copies risk upsetting the air pressure and air resistance and impairing both air quality and the well-being of the house in general.

Economically smart

Our original filters last longer and perform better than copies. If you use copies, you need to change twice as often to get a sufficiently effective filtration and enough fresh air indoors. Copies can also have higher air resistance and clog faster. When this happens, the fans consume more electricity. In summary, copies risk more jobs, less air, and higher costs. Original filters are simply an investment and not a cost.

Subscribe: Smart and simple

Subscribe to us! It will be easiest for you, regardless of whether you are a homeowner or part of a BRF and are responsible for the property's ventilation. When you subscribe to us, we keep track of when your last changed filters, and we remember exactly which filter you need for your system. When it's time to change, we'll send you a friendly reminder. Then you order the filter at systemairhome. Or the filters are sent to you without you having to do anything. Simple and smart.