Find the right filter 

The easiest way to find the right filter is to use the search bar on the home page. You can search by entering the filter's name or article number. 

Search by filter name or article number 

For example, the name of the filter might look like this: PF VSR 500 STD kit 
Article number on the filter can for example look like this: 25212 

You will find name and part numbers on these labels 

The name and article number of your unit can be found on the unit's nameplate. Depending on which unit you have, it can sit in different places, for example on top, inside or on the side. The name and article number of your filter can be found on a separate nameplate, which is located either on the outside of the unit or on the filter frame itself. The nameplates look much like the picture. On the nameplates, you should find all the information you need to find the right filter. 

Complete kits - or individual filters 

You can buy complete kits for our newer ventilation units. All our kits include two filters; one for exhaust air and one for supply air. For some of our older units, you can buy filters for exhaust and supply air separately. If you have an older unit and are looking for the unit's name or article number, you will get both separate filters you need. If you search for your filter, you will get suggestions on which filter goes together. 

Two filter classes - for different needs 

When it comes to our filter kits, we often have two different filter classes to choose from. Different filter classes separate and filter differently and are therefore suitable for different needs and requirements. Filter class Standard are our recommended original filters that suit most needs. Each filter is certified and has undergone thorough quality tests. Filterkit Plus is particularly suitable for those who live in areas and cities with a lot of emissions from industries and traffic, but also for those who have problems with, for example, asthma and allergies. That said, all of our filters are amazingly good. We have made them. Filterkit Standard and Filterkit Plus. You can recognize these respective symbols down below. 

Filterclass S Filterclass S+

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